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As we put together our annual Impact Report, we knew we had to center our members, the people who inspire our everyday work. People like Deborah, Gerardo and Inglish. They graciously shared their hopes and dreams with us so we could demonstrate the impact of directly investing in people and trusting them to find their own way forward.

In 2022, UpTogether invested nearly $30 million in unrestricted cash in more than 10,000 members. Our members showed us how unrestricted cash is a powerful tool to address poverty. More than 70% of members used their investment for basic needs, including food, rent, utilities and transportation. Others paid off debt or started a savings account. Our members also gave support, financial and otherwise, to their members of their communities. 

The report highlights how UpTogether members informed our work in cities like San Antonio, Austin and Detroit. They are helping to change the narrative surrounding people who are experiencing financial hardship by participating in UpTogether events, speaking to the media and contacting their government representatives. Our members also constantly show us how they benefit from the power of community and help one another.

The annual Impact Report tells the story of how we arrived at the work we are doing today. We are continuing to invest in people across the country as we also work to dismantle the policies and practices that perpetuate the status quo. UpTogether members will lead the way as we work to change systems addressing poverty. 

Each member’s story is unique. Together, they provide a path forward to make sure everyone is seen for their strengths and has the ability to drive their own social and economic mobility. 

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